“I don’t need you to tell me how good my coffee is, Jules.” - QT

This roaster opened up the street from my house. After living in Chicago for almost three years and spending the bulk of my time in a two block radius, I finally broke down and moved to that neighborhood. 

I’m in love. They are ripping down the douchey bro bar at the end of my street and putting in the midwest’s largest pinball palace. There are two wonderful coffee shops vying for my love (though the Ms. Pac-Man cocktail machine at Bow Truss is a persuasive argument), having a Trader Joe’s two minutes away helps keep me from eating like a ten year old, and it’s a six minute commute to work.If I could somehow teach my upstairs neighbor to levitate so she didn’t wake me up every night and morning, I’d be perfect. 

Sleep is boring anyway.

Working on a coffee blog because I can’t sleep is not without irony. I didn’t sleep much before I drank coffee. This was inevitable. 

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