Coffee and metal. Limited edition to 30. Only available at the Bottom Lounge show on 4-18-13 in Chicago. Roasted yesterday.

I don’t know why, but it tastes way better when you’re listening to “Lost in the Headlights.” Picked up on for me and sent the other one to my buddy Hank in AZ. We comprise 1/15th of those who enjoyed this dark, heavy brew.

The show was incredible. The bass was so heavy it rattled my chest. Despite the wall of sound, the instrumentation was nuanced. I could here the interweaving melodies of both guitars. The new guitar player, Dallas, is solid. I’ve enjoyed his work in Swan King and he brings it. 

I sort of love going to shows by myself. When I bring someone along, I feel responsible for their good time. I keep checking in with them to make sure they’re not bored. And if they don’t like it, it plants a seed of doubt in me as to whether the band was any good to begin with.

Maybe my taste sucks?

Not tonight, though. Shit was on point. 

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